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  • 2 Prenatal visits:
    • 1 meeting in a place of your choosing to discuss your expectations, desires, birth plan, roles of doula and partner, other topics pertinent to mother and family.
    • A second meeting to focus on:
      • Massage techniques that can be used to support you during labor. Your partner will be taught some strokes and techniques to use during your pregnancy and labor. We will also practice positions for labor.
      • Newborn planning- Discuss breastfeeding or bottle feeding techniques, learn safe swaddling, and other soothing techniques, get answers to other newborn questions.
  • Phone and email access to discuss questions and concerns or simply to chat about your pregnancy experience.
  • One-on-one attention during your labor, delivery and early postpartum period. During the time following the birth of your baby I can assist you and your partner with settling in and establishing breastfeeding.
  • 1 postpartum meeting to discuss your birth experience, questions you may have, and to discuss feedback regarding my doula services. I will also help you write a birth story if you are interested.
  • This package can be customized to have one prenatal visit and two postpartum visits