My experience with Lacey was so wonderful! My birth was back to back with another birth that she attending right before mine, and her support was still excellent! I was so impressed! Laboring with my son was very difficult, and she knew just how to support me. We walked and talked together, she helped undress and dress me, she rubbed my lower back and bottom for such a long time, encouraged me and coached me through more effective positions. I would highly recommend her care to anyone because she knows when to help and when to monitor. Lacey is really good at realizing the needs of each person and is effective is aiding them.

Hailee Longacre

Shared 6/18/2017

Lacey was a fantastic doula in every way. During both the initial interview and our prenatal visit, she spent ample time with us, not only answering questions about doula/birth stuff, but just getting to know us and doing the important work of relationship-building. By the time I went into labor and called her, it felt like I was calling a friend to come over and support me, not someone I had just met a few weeks prior. And wow, support me she did!

She was with me for every step of the way, anticipating my needs before I knew I needed something. When I needed to go out for a walk and felt more social, she was great to walk, chat, and laugh with, often physically supporting me through contractions along the way. Later, when my toddler son woke up just as I was needing to turn inward and be alone, Lacey helped me through the decision to have him picked up by a family member. She was very ninja-like; I remember I had escaped to the bathroom to be alone and was trying to figure out what to do about my son. At one point I must have said something to myself out loud and Lacey responded. I had no idea she was in the bathroom with me! It was perfect, because I absolutely needed her, but I didn't realize she had come with me. So stealth!

As labor progressed, she was my constant, always near me and always supporting me in just the right way. Even when I couldn't see or feel her, I knew she was right there with me and that made all the difference. I don't know how I would have made it through labor without her support. She will forever be a very special person to me for walking with me through a very difficult time, supporting me, encouraging me, believing in me. That alone makes her a fantastic doula, but the icing on the cake is that she took well over 100 photos and captured so many precious memories for us. What a gift! Thank you, Lacey, for all you did to support us before, during, and after the birth of our son, Jesse.

Jen Carmody

Shared 5/24/2017

Lacey attended the homebirth of my second son and I can't think of a more perfect person to have with me during labor. As soon as she arrived I felt her calm presence change the energy of the whole house! She was amazingly supportive during my pregnancy and labor. At the most intense part of labor her words assured me everything was ok. It centered me, she knew exactly what I needed.
My main reason for hiring her was to make sure my toddler son would have someone other than my husband to care for him if my labor was long. I was confident she would be able to keep the experience positive for him and could effortlessly change roles with my husband, so my toddler and I would both be in good hands no matter what happened.
Lacey was truly a blessing to our family and I recommend her to everyone looking for a doula!

Jessica Colletti

Shared 3/21/2017

erin.jpgWe chose Lacey for our second home birth, and my birth was certainly different (as I'm sure most are!) from my first. I was so pleased to have her emphatic ear and intuitive advice at my disposal as I hurdled anxieties about my pending birth. You know just what is coming the second

time, and honestly I really needed to adjust my mindset on many occasions, and Lacey had such simple and helpful advice! I really enjoyed getting to know her, and also because I was entitled to a massage with the package we chose, I was able to also be pampered and become even more at ease (as a result of knowing someone more) as a result. She was able to read my labor well and knew when to "let me do my thing", when to offer encouragement or suggestions, and took beautiful pictures and video without my even knowing (this was my stipulation, I didn't want to feel watched or have my experience affected by cameras, but am so glad we have pictures of my labor and birth this time!). The birth story highlights we received from her perspective were also priceless for us. I had many laughs and heart-bursting feelings recounting what afterwards was a little foggy how things all happened. Doulas are really worth every penny, and everyone I've managed to coax into trying one for their birth has agreed with me after, and thanked me for suggesting it to them. Lacey is a top-notch choice for any woman who wants to have support for herself, husband, and even siblings. She helps things run smoothly, offers just what you need when you need it without your having to think about it, such an amazing facet of a pleasant birth experience. Thanks Lacey!

Erin O'Brien

Shared 12/16/2016

Lacey was great. She was key on helping me relax while birthing and a great comfort to have before, during and after labor. Also her assistance with feeding and helping the baby latch was super helpful. Lovely to work with and would highly recommend!

Leigh Siegfried

Posted 9/25/2016

Lacey is amazing. It's hard for me to assemble the words to say what her support meant to me. I will try. When I think of Lacey, I think of her warmth, compassion and words of wisdom & encouragement that got me through the most difficult experience of my life- natural childbirth. I swear I couldn't have done it without her. She will forever hold a very special place in my heart for that.

Her postpartum care was equally incredible. She gave me the help and advice I desperately needed at a time when no one else did.

I can't forget the blissful prenatal massage she gave me. Yowza. I highly recommend it.

And the birth story. Oh the birth story. She wrote the most beautiful and touching account of my son's birth. I still can't get through it with dry eyes. It's something I will forever treasure.

I'm so grateful for Lacey and so glad I made the choice to have her as my doula.

Rachael Pitcairn

Shared 6/15/2016

Pots2My husband and I were unsure at first if we were going to hire a doula. He took a little more convincing, but when we met Lacey we knew it was the right decision and who we wanted to have for support. We were completely right! Lacey helped us every step of the way from answering my questions about pregnancy and birth to coming over our house to demonstrate some baby spinning techniques to being a complete lifesaver in delivery.  I know I would not have been able to have the unmedicated and natural birth I wanted without Lacey. I arrived at The Birth Center with high blood pressure and intense back labor, with Lacey's help my blood pressure went down and she helped me make each contraction at least more bearable. We are so grateful for all of Lacey's knowledge and support, we would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Vanessa Chmielewski

Shared 6/7/2016

Mary ElizabethLacey was fantastic during my pregnancy and home birth of my fourth baby.

As a massage therapist, she helped me cope with the aches and pains of growing a rather large baby. I was lucky enough to be able to see her for prenatal massages on a regular and frequent basis, which also enabled us to build a great and trusting relationship well in advance of my labor.

When I summoned her for labor, she came first to help with my older three boys...as doula translates roughly into "mothers helper," we had established early on that this is one thing I'd need...to have them taken care of so I didn't have to wonder or worry about them as I focused on working to meet my baby. She was great with them.

Once everyone was asleep, she came to help me finish out my rather fast labor. She jumped right in where I needed her without skipping a beat.

We couldn't have managed without Lacey. She was an integral part of my amazing birth team.

Jane Simpson
Shared 5/19/2016

Laina and ILacey is a long time friend of mine so when I became pregnant, it was no question that I would choose her to be my doula. She was just starting out in this profession, but her passion, knowledge and calm sense of demeanor was all I needed to know it would be a great birth experience. Lacey was available during my entire pregnancy for emotional support and even physical at times. During my labor, she was everything I needed. She carefully wove her role among the nurses, my family, and the midwife. She gave me tremendous support in suggesting various positions, reminding me what my plan was, talking me through each contraction calmly and sincerely. After intense contractions, my baby turned posterior and Lacey performed the rebozo technique on me for nearly an hour and successfully turned my baby so I could have a vaginal birth. She held my hand for three hours after that as I pushed. When it was all said and done, I told her that she was born to do this. Lacey will most definitely be there for my second baby.

Kate Fagal
Shared 3/21/2016

Lacey really impacted my birth experience in a positive way. She made sure that I felt supported before, during and after my son's delivery. Her genuine concern and strength created a foundation that I really relied on during the birthing process as well as after. Having Lacey there to be solely focused on me and my needs was  a huge help. From verbal support, positive affirmations, to physical support such as being massaged during contractions and provided with hydration during the entire labor and delivery was wonderful. I felt very comfortable and fully supported. I was able to remain calm and focused during the majority of my labor and was motivated when it came time to push. She also provided much needed communication and support after the birth. It felt good for someone to ask about how I feel and to make suggestions to increase my postpartum comfort and to know that I still have someone supporting me. If there are any more children in my future, I would absolutely ask for Lacey's support again.

Shared 8/8/2015

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